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The sales are such a great oportunity for finding luxury goods at a discounted price and to treat youself to a little retail therapy that won’t break the bank. I’m alway on the lookout for basic wardrobe staples like black boots, coats and cashmere that can be used again and again. But I also look for things like fun party stilettoes or dresses that you’ll probably end up wearing only a couple of times but that makes more sense when they are at a discount. Here’s some of the best black boots and shoes on sale right now. And I have to admit I already bought one of the pairs…

Chloé over-the-knee boots 5235 kr. (before 10470 kr.) Isabel Marant pumps 2560 kr. (before 3655 kr.) Givenchy boot with studs 3350 kr. (before 6700 kr.) Isabel Marant shearling boots 990 kr. (before 3300 kr.) Gianvitto Rossi lace boot 3190 kr. (before 6380 kr.) Miu Miu feather and mesh pumps 2590 kr. (before 5180 kr.) Sam Edelmann ankle boots 565 kr (before 1130 kr.)

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